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The Farmhouse at Candia Woods Wedding | Jill + Eric

I met Jill years ago when I was a new mom needing help with my daughter Porter. Jill became my nanny... the super nanny. Jill and my daughter Porter had a special bond and had so much fun together through the years. Jill stayed with me even as my son Sawyer arrived. I remember thinking that I was the only one Sawyer would fall asleep for as he was a fussy baby, but Jill proved me wrong... putting Sawyer in the baby carrier and rocking him to sleep. He would sleep for hours for her. Again, super nanny! Years later Jill would also become my daughter's horseback riding instructor. They both share a big passion for animals.

I was so excited when I found out that Jill had met the love of her life Eric, and then got engaged.

To know Jill is to know her dog Lucy. These two are always together. I have never seen a person connect with an animal like Jill does with Lucy. I was so happy for Jill that she found someone equally in love with animals, Eric. He loves Lucy (and their cats) SO much! Most of all he loves Jill (and she him). You can see their love radiate through their faces. It's the sweetest thing.

I was incredibly honored to be able to photograph Jill + Eric's Farmhouse at Candia Woods wedding and watch them say "I do" (with Lucy right by their side).

Jill + Eric's wedding was absolutely stunning and you could FEEL the love! Luck was on their side as the forecast called for rain and thunderstorms all day. We hoped the rain would stay away but it didn't look like it. The love birds had their first look in the rain outside. Then a miracle happened! The heavens opened up and the rain stayed away until minutes following the ceremony. Hallelujah!

I hope the luck they had on their wedding continues throughout their forever together. I know it will <3


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